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Welcome to Entertainment Voting Contest

So you decided to give us a chance. You've just landed in the right place!

The idea behind this contest platform is to give anyone the chance to rank own media files; you can chose to use any kind of file, no matter if it's an image, an audio file or a video one. You can even upload your own text and let people rate it! Even more: you can chose not only your own asset, but other peoples work as well - an Instagram image, a video on Youtube or Vimeo with high views, an audio on Spotify. Your decission. Modelling, phtography, logo banners, music, video clips ...

How does it work

Upload or insert the link of the file you want it ranked. Let people do it. If they like it, you can win. The more votes you get, the more chances you have to win. Prizes are set by the highest number of votes on a specific file and contest. Anyone can rate, but only one vote per IP. You can also decide the Contest Period (can be whatever you want: from 1 Day to one Year). Usually, should be no longer than 2 Weeks.



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